Sensor-based control of Aerial Vehicles for Health Monitoring of Buildings and Industrial Facilities


Recent advances in sensor technology and the increasing availability of lightweight and low-power computational capacity are steadily affording UAVs higher degrees of robustness and reliability in challenging operation scenarios, taking place in uncertain and possibly remote environments. This project aims to develop and demonstrate the sensor-based methods for motion control, navigation and localization of aerial vehicles in uncertain and dynamic environments, like the inspection of buildings and industrial facilities. We propose to develop a sensor-based control, navigation and localization framework for performing maneuvers that involve close interaction with the environment and require a reactive and compliant behavior in response to unexpected changes, e.g. respond to a wind gust while operating close to, or even in contact with, a structure. Both single vehicle and multi-vehicle mission scenarios in three-dimensional space will be considered.


Funding: FDCT (co-funded by UM)

Reference Number: FDCT/048/2014/A1 (MYRG2015-00126-FST)

Dates: 2015 – 2018


Project Publications


Articles in Journals (3)


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Articles in Conferences (5)


  1. Z. Tang, L. Li, P. Serra, D. Cabecinhas, T. Hamel, R. Cunha, and C. Silvestre. Homing on a Moving Dock for a Quadrotor Vehicle, IEEE TENCON, Macau, November, 2015.
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Reported work in preparation for publication (2)


  1. A. Gomes, R. Cunha, B. Guerreiro, and C. Silvestre. 3-D Navigation and Control in structured Environments Based on 2-D LiDAR Measurements, November, 2015.
  2. J. Rocha, R. Cunha, and C. Silvestre. Formation Control of Quadrotors Vehicles, November, 2015.