Ongoing Projects 


Acronym Name Funding Dates
STORK Synergistic Transport of Objects by Rotorcraft UM 2015-2018
NAVTECH Navigation Techniques for Multiple Transponder Ultra ShortBase-Line Acoustic Positioning Systems UM 2015-2018
SAVEMOB Sensor-based control of Aerial Vehicles for Health Monitoring of Buildings and Industrial Facilities FDCT 2015-2018
ANCONSYS Advanced Nonlinear Control and Navigation Systems for Autonomous Surface Crafts FDCT 2015-2016





Past Projects


Acronym Name Funding Dates
Wind deFAULT Detection of Faults and Fault Tolerant Control Systemsfor Wind Turbines UM 2012-2015
ASIANS Advances on Sensor Inertial Aided Navigation Systems UM 2012-2015